Quality Policy

The satisfaction of our customers is the center of our Quality Policy. The Quality of our products and services is measured in accordance with our customer’s expectations. To ensure this we act customer orientated and regularly identify the demand of our customers to meet or exceed their expectations. Furthermore, the customer satisfaction is regularly determined and analysed to ensure appropriate measures are taken within a short time.

As a service company, we understand that especially our employees carry the task of creating, keeping and improve quality. This awareness for quality is regularly trained and we train our employees according to their current and potential skills. All employees of our company are aware of their responsibility towards our customers and business partners and are following this Quality Policy.

To keep our Quality Standards outside of our company, we strive to achieve a cooperative and collaborative relationship to our suppliers. We choose our suppliers carefully and are regularly executing audits and evaluations.

In the frame of our continuous improvement process, our employees contribute in a way that makes us a learning organization which is able to implement new and improving ideas. Through team work, constructive criticism and an open communication we are able to undertake corrective and preventive actions.

The Management constantly evaluates, modernizes and improves the provided resources to support the organizations’ ability of meeting our Quality Standards.

The Management undertakes to act according to this Quality Policy and putting these values into practice every day.



Distribution and processing of carbon steel, low-alloy, high-alloy and stainless steel and nickel-alloy pipes and tubes, valves, fittings, flanges bars and accessories.